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Company Profile – Compact Tractors Manufacturers & Exporters

Since its inception in1994, Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd. Has grown immensely as the leading manufacturers and exporters of Tractors from India. Previously known as Asha Exim Pvt. Ltd., it was started by two visionary founding brothers, Mr. G. T. Patel & Mr. M. T. Patel of Rajkot, Gujarat, India. They started the business by developing a Mini tractor that could be quickly arranged (?) by small or medium farmers to complete their routine farming. In 1998 the first product was sent to Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute (C.F.M.T. & T.I), Budni to be tested. and was enlisted with NABARD, And was further approved to get Bank financing and subsidy from the Govt. (Indian). Further more, due compliance with The Automotive Research Association of India, PUNE (A.R.A.I.) was done to obtain the C.M.V.R to ensure the R.T.O. Registrations for the different states in India.

Innovation of Mini tractor

At Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd., we have developed various attachments and implements necessary to increase the overall capacity of tractor. We have all latest tools, equipment’s, advance machinery, Research and Development laboratories, quality control instruments and well trained staff to design and manufacture high quality workable products. As the leading tractor exporters and manufacturers, we ensure defect free production line as per industry norms. We serve our clients from different offshore locations in India. Our technical details and dedicated customer support make us more popular among dealers and clients.

Besides these compact tractors, we are developing the self-propelled reapers which can be operated by petrol, diesel or kerosene for wheat, rice, and soya bean harvesting. We have also expanded our manufacturing network in foreign countries without making any compromise on quality standards. After relentless effort, a real innovate product for the first time in India – the all season use prime tractor in the segment of “MINI TRACTOR” was rolled out of the factory. This CAPTAIN Mini Tractor is a real boon to the farmers.

Comparatively operation carried out by Captain Mini Tractor is better than other Mini Tractor and Power Tillers. Captain Mini Tractor consumes nearly 40% less fuel in comparison to other tractors of its size. The heart of Captain Mini Tractor is the engine, which is tested and certified by ARAI as norms for pollution controlling. The price of the Tractor is very competitive.

To better facilitate our Customers, the “CAPTAIN” has introduced several type of Accessories and Applications such as the Power Reaper and seed drill, including organic fertilizers which are used in an agriculture firm from beginning to end with Mini Tractors.

  • “Captain Tractors” is represented in Kenya by it’s distributor : CFAO Kenya Limited (A Toyota Tsusho Group Company) Agri Division

    based in NAIROBI & NAKURU (Sales & Distribution Office).

  • In our endeavour to support our customers better, appointments of dealers across various counties of Kenya is being facilitated.